Free open source UI toolkits you should check out for your Windows Phone / Windows Store apps

<This post will be updated in time. Kindly check back for newer entries>

When windows phone hit it’s 8.1 upgrade from Windows Phone 8 version, it shifted itself up from silverlight to WinRT kernel. Some of the hardcore Windows Phone fanatics like me was pretty sad because we lost access to our favourite UI toolkits by then. Although a lot of the expected UI controls came through in the sdk itself, still something was missing. This is a log of a set of UI toolkits you should discover when you are making your Windows Phone/Universal Apps.

1. SlideView: A Facebook like panel for Windows Phone: Ever wonder how a android like SlideView would look like in your native Windows Phone? Check this toolkit out Today!

2. WinRT XAML Toolkit:  The perfect set of helpers, extensions and mostly all of the controls from Windows Phone Toolkit has been ported here. It has Calendar, Gauge and other data visualization tool too.

3. MyToolkit for .NET:  Are you a big fan Windows App Studio? Do you know what has been used inside to facilitate all that? Meet MyToolkit. From MVVM toolkit to DataGrid everything is here, possibly everything. It even supports Xamarin projects too. 🙂

4.ExpanderRT: ExpanderRT is the ExpanderView port from Windows Phone 8 to WinRT. Missing the great control, don’t! 😉

I will continuously keep updating this blog post as soon as I find a new toolkit to add. 😉

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