Words from a Windows Phone Developer’s heart – Dire Straights

As my path crossed with Windows Phone a while ago, truth to be said, there wasn’t much Windows Phones were around in Bangladesh. Sad as it is, it was far from getting public aspiration, rather than it was kind of an embarrassing situation every time making people understand what Windows Phone actually is.  Hard times it was. Motivation wasn’t the thing you usually ask for in these times. Dire as it was, still I had a quiet a good time with Windows Phones. You might ask why. Why didn’t I root somewhere else? It’s not like I didn’t know Java.  I did know and quiet frankly I had  a tremendous fun time with it too. Then why? The truth lies somewhere else. Was it only because Microsoft was providing opportunities more than anybody else? Was it because only of that or was it because I was a MSP and following Windows Phone seemed like an easy path to capitalize on?

And why I’m even writing these? I could’ve said nothing and keep going. But the thing is developers are human too. Everyday after 8-9 hours of jobs my hands get so accustomed to my office laptop’s keyboard that it barely does want to go over my home desktop’s keyboard. As tiring as it is I still find it intriguing to get back and code a bit on Windows Phones. Yes, I know in my professional life I barely see Windows Phones in Bangladesh now. Then?

The answer is what you expect least. I love boundaries. You might ask why? Does it limit my works? No, it enchants me to break em. Whether I can or can’t I have to find ways to limit my limits to give something to people. Does that mean developing for Windows Phones are not easy? Au Contraire! This is most possibly the most creative, most friendly way to develop an app. You might ask why? It’s all about aspect , man. All about aspect. I’m living as a developer now but I lived as a designer before when I had to earn a bit in my student life. And trust me, with Windows Phone development I can be who I want to be. When I feel like a designer, I go over Blend and go berserk on my tools and when I feel like a hardcore dev i can crawl back on Visual Studio.  It’s my comfort zone, its where I can get out, think different, most importantly, break boundaries.  Yes, the SDK limits me a lot, still, isn’t it my job to break these? Who am I if Im given all? Does this means other SDK’s are pointless? No, never, we believe in respect, professional harmony. When I say I found Windows Phone awesome, that’s not imposing anything on anything, that’s a personal loving.

So, I’ve seen people come and go, I’ve seen people find better places to work on. Better means profitable of course. And they are not wrong , never. You see, it’s all about aspect. I always knew I have C# with me, no matter what, I can code anything I want in anywhere as long as I know C#. So, money wasn’t a concern for me and still it isn’t. Cause, if you want money, trust me it comes running to you as long as you keep wanting it. But knowledge on the other hand…doesn’t if you are not willing to go for it.  Windows Phone gave me chances to meet great people, simple in thoughts, polite in heart, respectful for knowledge. And I dont want to lose these people as they constantly try and teach me to be a better person. There are thousand write ups to code better, not a perfect one to be a better person.

So when I say I love it here, I mean this place loves me back too. It’s not general for everyone, it doesn’t have to be. So, if you seek for motivation, it’s inside you. It always was. And if it says of Windows Phones, believe me, it’s your place too. Give it a try!